How to go beyond a GENISYS PoE Test Drive

You’re poolside on a hot summer day. You want to test the water more than just dipping in your toes, but you don’t want to cannonball in. Well, this is just like that, but with GENISYS PoE Lighting Systems.

With GENISYS Quad, you can deploy your very own, fully functional GENISYS PoE Lighting System that powers four spaces. The GENISYS Quad comes on a pallet with everything needed to power four spaces. That means four offices, four hospital rooms, four dungeons— any four spaces you want.

The GENISYS Quad includes:

16x Leaf Series 2×2 ColorTune Troffers
8x IntelliDrives (nodes)
8x ColorTune Interface Modules
4x Touch Capacitive Wall Switches
4x MultiFunction Sensors
Pre-terminated Cables
Instructional Video
Cisco Catalyst Digital Building Switch
GENISYS 4.0 Software Suite – Site License

The GENISYS software suite is fully scalable to all smart phones & tablets via the network. All you need is to BYOPC (bring your own PC).

If you grow out of the GENISYS Quad and want to pull the trigger on installing GENISYS in your entire building, all you need to do is order more GENISYS PoE hardware. Your existing software will continue to run the show and adapt to the additional GENISYS hardware. The Quad can easily transform into the full blown, real deal.

The GENISYS Quad will be available starting August 15, 2017. Ready to try the pallet that powers four custom spaces? Give us a shout.



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