US Department of Energy explains White Light Tuneable Fixtures

White Light Tuning fixtures are one of many strategies GENISYS uses to increase the comfort and customization of spaces.   The Leaf Troffer offers ColorTune, which combines white light tuning luminaires with a superior means of control with GENISYS Software.

GENISYS white light tuning
A sample of GENISYS software showing ColorTune white light tuning. Full dimming is available as well as color temperature selection via slider or quick pick buttons.

We know our products are cool and will improve whatever situation they’re placed in, but its nice to see conservative lighting folks at the US Department of Energy have acknowledged some advanced lighting as well.  In the video below, the DOE explains what these fixtures are, what they can do, and some strategies that are currently in play.  Granted, the control systems they display look antiquated, but we didn’t get them GENISYS by the time this video was made.

Check out the DOE’s video below or on their webpage here.

A New Dawn of Lighting

Part two of the 3 part series “Insights into the World of PoE Lighting Technology,” written by our very own Wendell Strong, has been published in Electrical Trends.

In A New Dawn of Lighting, Strong discusses how Power over Ethernet lighting creates a new paradigm for the lighting industry that revolves around the premise of power delivery.  Why send high voltage to low voltage lights only to put a voltage step down (LED Driver) at the end of the high voltage run?  Why not give low voltage devices low voltage from the get-go with built in data for monitoring and controls?

Check out Wendell’s new article here, courtesy of Electrical Trends.