What is the GENISYS Quad Experience?

Wendell Strong, GENISYS PoE Lighting Manager

The GENISYS Quad Experience is like no other in the world of lighting.  Never before could a world class commercial lighting technology be put in a prepackaged form and be shipped affordably and installed safely by nearly anyone. As you know, GENISYS itself is an intelligent lighting system. The GENISYS Quad is exactly that— only the GENISYS Quad is made to fit into four spaces for that trial run experience.

The GENISYS Quad is safe & easy to install.

The GENISYS Quad contains full tilt performance from day one including our revered full unfettered GENISYS 4.0 Software complete with a site license. It allows future expansion of the system without additional software costs. All you need for the software is to BYOPC (bring your own PC), and we take care of the rest.

The prepackaged pallet will ship directly to you.

Many wonder how is this even possible?  Because our GENISYS PoE Lighting system runs on low voltage cat cable with RJ45 jacks, it is safe for anyone to deploy this full sized experience.

So what exactly is a Quad Experience? We have packed up to 4 standard size offices of white light color tunable 2×2 Leaf (fully recyclable) plug and play fixtures with full controls (multifunction sensor and touch capacitive switches) for each space with software on a pallet that ships at no added cost anywhere in 48 states. You must have the ability to receive a pallet of material at your place of business as a result.

Now a business can find out exactly what Power over Ethernet Lighting can do for them in a digestible and expandable format.  Save up to 90% energy compared to standard fluorescent and reap the benefits of a fully featured understandable lighting control system that, once configured, can be run from smart devices to control personal zones.

If that wasn’t quite enough, you can experience white light color change on demand. From very warm and intimate, to highly energizing cool colored light, and every point in between. We have even built in sunrise to sunset Daylight Rhythm to mimic the natural sunlight changes during the course of day indoors. Each of the four spaces is completely customizable to the preference of the occupant.

Truthfully, there are simply too many features to even begin to cover. Much like your cell phone is much more than a cell phone, the GENISYS Quad Experience is much more than a lighting system. It’s a trial run of what GENISYS can do without diving into it all head first. It’s intelligent lighting. It’s shipped directly to you. It’s the pallet that powers four custom spaces.

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Employee Spotlight: GENISYS Marketing Specialist

A little about me
I’m Michele and I’m the Marketing Specialist for the GENISYS PoE team. Basically, I make everything look polished in this crazy world of PoE. I went to school at Iowa State University, (Go State!) and I joined the GENISYS team in May 2017. I love to bike, kayak, travel, and participate in long Netflix marathons.

Me ”eating” a bagel in Bratislava, Slovakia.

My Day to Day
One thing I love about working here is that there is no “average” day for me. Every day here is different. One day I might be on the back-end of our website updating content, and the next day I might be in the green room taking photos, and then the day after that might consist of me creating a campaign for a new product line.

I can’t work without…
I always start my day with a cup of cappuccino. That is definitely one thing I can’t work without. I’m not really a coffee person, but I’m all about that cappuccino life. Folgers French Vanilla —10/10 would recommend.

Me without my cappuccino.

My Work Playlist
When I’m not listening to Rodney‘s Jukebox, my go-to work playlist has a decent amount of variety. Here are five of my recent go-to songs:

 1.) Sam Hunt – Speakers

2.) Ed Sheeran – Kiss Me

3.) Mansionz (ft. G-Eazy) – Wicked

4.) J. Cole – Neighbors

5.) THEY. – Dante’s Creek

Ed approves.

My Favorite Lunch Spot

If I’m not eating my homemade turkey sandwich by the pond outside of our building, you can find me at Fuzzy’s with the team for cheap tacos on Tuesdays.

.5 seconds after this photo was taken, these tacos were inhaled.