7 Must-know features of GENISYS 4.1 Software


The GENISYS 4.1 software update has arrived! The wonderful thing about GENISYS PoE Lighting System software is that we are constantly improving and enhancing it to perform top-notch. Our passion is making the workplace better through GENISYS Lighting Software improvements which create simplicity, and not complexity. Check out the seven best features of GENISYS 4.1 software.

1.) Multi-Function Sensor has Activated Temperature readouts for 3rd party systems
This feature was the result of temperature sensing being embedded in our feature packed multi-function sensors which now reports back to our system. We have the ability to record, and easily report, multiple temperature readings in a space with our system, so why not? The temperature readings are viewable in our web based GUI or integrate with 3rd party systems to benefit the building as a whole.

2.) Dry Contact Relay Interface Module Support (legacy input/output)
Dry Contact Interface Modules allow for a plethora of “magic” to happen. Allowing support for dry contact switches means that essentially any legacy wall switch or other device used to control AC lights can now be seamlessly integrated into controlling GENISYS PoE Lights. But that’s just the beginning, there are endless devices that can be used with our dry contact interface modules such as pressure mats, open/closed door sensors, foot pedals, or even just simple buttons. The fun doesn’t stop at input devices – we can also use the same interface module to control 5v devices ranging from simple lights to relays and actuators.

3.) Remote Monitoring Support
This feature allows the GENISYS system to be constantly analyzed and alert whenever something might not be functioning as it should be. Whether it be a PoE switch not coming online, or one of our IntelliDrives misbehaving, we could have the issue pinpointed before others are aware an issue exists! Peace of mind knowing that the technology is looking after itself.

4.) Data Exporting
With our new and improved data exporting feature, it’s easy to export data— and even easier to understand. Select a date range, devices or zones, and the type of format you want to export as (such as JSON and CSV) and the file is ready to be analyzed. As a result, actionable data insures your system is always capable of being optimized across time.

5.) User Management
With our updates to user management control, we’ve added convenience and simplicity. Users are more in control of their account, and administrators are still in charge of the zones and devices that each user can control.

6.) Sensor Notification to 3rd Party Systems Support
Not only can GENISYS be controlled by various 3rd party systems, but with added support of sensor and switch notifications, the same 3rd party systems now receive more information back from the system and with this update, it’s even easier to integrate.

7.) Scenes
With this feature, users can individually customize devices in zones down to the exact intensity and color they prefer for various tasks. Then, instead of taking time to modify every component over again, it’s easy to save and simply recall these created scenes from the web based GUI, a programmable wall switch, or even having the scenes activated with a dry contact device.


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