What is GENISYS?

Lighting + Networking

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Power Over Ethernet

All components in the GENISYS System are low voltage- everything is both powered and controlled with an ethernet cable.

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Software Enabled

GENISYS PoE Lighting software is easy (and fun) to use. More importantly, it is the key to unleashing up to 90% energy savings over traditional lighting.

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Data Driven

Ultra precise usage data provide enormous energy savings potential and cloud based service means you can monitor your facility from anywhere.

Power Over Ethernet
lighting for the future.


About us

The GENISYS brand is managed by Innovative Lighting in the heart of the Silicon Prairie. We are proud to be Iowa-based and an employer of 100+ jobs throughout the state. Innovative Lighting has been manufacturing LED lighting since the early 1990s and are excited to take LED technology to new heights with GENISYS PoE Lighting Systems.

GENISYS about us

A smart system programmed for your needs,

reporting to you.

Bring your facility’s energy management into focus with fully customizable lighting – advanced scheduling, action sets, device management, data collection, and reporting at your fingertips.

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Absolutely zero

High voltage wiring required in the ceiling.

Simple, safe CAT5/6 cables ("Ethernet" cables) carry the whole system.


Installation costs.

Anyone can install the GENISYS System and anyone can change light fixture locations at any time.

What does it mean to be


We often describe GENISYS as being Node-Centric, as our Intellidrive is the heart of our system. We start at a PoE Switch and use one of its ports to connect to our Intellidrive. Up to 8 devices can then be connected to the Intellidrive, maximizing PoE Port efficiency.

Using only 1 PoE port and 1 Intellidrive, GENISYS can power and control up to 8 devices.

PoE Port
Light Fixtures
Total Components



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Product Guide
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Installation Guide
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Spec Sheets
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Press Release

genisys xperience kit

GENISYS Xperience

Get your hands on the future, today.

The GENISYS Xperience provides a hands-on look at the power and elegant simplicity of the GENISYS PoE Lighting System on a smaller scale. With the GENISYS Xperience, you’ll receive everything you need* to craft your own scaled GENISYS powered space:

  • 2 LED Downlights
  • 1 Intellidrive
  • 1 Wall Switch
  • 1 Multi-Function Sensor
  • GENISYS Xperience Software**
  • All Necessary Cables

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