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What's Included


Each order comes in 2 parts


The Core parts of your space. Your Software, CPU, and networking equipment

GENISYS software suite

Software Suite

GENISYS 4.3 Site License
genisys physical installation guide

Helix 310

OnLogic Ultra Small CPU
pre-terminated cables


Necessary Cabling by Panduit™
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Netgear PoE++ Enabled Switch


The lighting equipment for each space

Re-design your Spaces

The GENISYS Space Kit encourages you to improve your spaces by introducing effective PoE lighting wherever you may need.

These kits come with pre-configured software, computer, and switch. All you need to do is plug & play. You receive one Core Kit with an order, but you can order multiple Space Kits if you want to fill multiple zones.

All you have to do is supply a name and size for your space(s) in our space builder below and we will commission your software to make magic upon arrival.

With the GENISYS Space Kit, you’ll receive everything you need to craft your own scaled GENISYS powered space, including: ColorTune LED Downlights, Intellidrives, Wall Switches, Multi-Function Sensors, Fully functional GENISYS Software, a PoE Switch, an OnLogic Edge Computer, and all necessary cables.

What comes in the Core Kit?

The GENISYS Core Kit is the backend support for your Spaces. A single Core Kit can support anywhere from 1-4 Space Kits.

A Core Kit includes:

An OnLogic Microcomputer
- 2 LAN Ports
- Software Preconfigured
240W Netgear PoE Enabled Switch
- 4 PoE++ Ports
GENISYS 4.3 Software Suite - Site License
- Fully Functional System
- Latest Stable Version Included
- Learn more about GENISYS software

What comes in the Space Kit?

The GENISYS Space Kit is designed to be preconfigured to a space. A Medium space requires a single space kit where a Large space may require two space kits.

A Space Kit includes:

4x ColorTune 6" Downlights
- Includes a ColorTune Module - two pairs are individually addressable
- Tunable from 3500K to 6000K
1x Multi-Function Motion Sensor
- Occupancy & Vacancy, Ambient Light Sensor, and more!
1x Touch Capacitive Wall Switch
- Touch Capacitive, Addressable LEDs, and more!
1x IntelliDrive (Node)
Necessary Cabling by Panduit™
- 1x Blue 35' CAT6
- 4x Green 10' CAT6
- 2x Black 10' CAT6


your GENISYS Spaces

Build your setup here and we'll make sure
your equipment arrives properly configured

Space Builder

Space Size (Medium or Large):

Medium Room

Sample Medium Space Diagram

Large Room

Sample Large Space Diagram

Space List

Core Kit


Space Kits


Simply add a name and a size to your first space to get started!

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Limited Space Kits are available due to the popularity of the GENISYS system.

Want to go bigger? Go beyond a test drive without cannonballing head first into GENISYS with the GENISYS Quad.