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Game Changer

What is the IntelliDrive? Think of it as a small computer that simultaneously drives LED lights and controls them. That's an oversimplification, but its a good starting point. Not only can you power LED lights, you also power and control other devices, like sensors and switches. The IntelliDrive enables high levels of customization that we believe provides a better user experience than anything else. Why be proprietary?

Other "smart" lighting systems build their intelligence into each fixture. Good idea, unless you have to replace it ("Smart Fixtures" are expensive). Or you want to take advantage of the full 60 watts that a UPoE Port offers, too bad, you've used your 60 watt port to power a single 20 watt fixture.

Top View of GENISYS IntelliDrive

GENISYS IntelliDrive Side View

By moving the intelligence out of the fixture and into the IntelliDrive, we create a hub in the ceiling that squeezes every drop of juice from each PoE port and allows for rapid expansion at any point in the future. Up to 8 devices can be powered and controlled from 1 IntelliDrive using 1 UPoE port. Hello, bang-for-your-buck.



The IntelliDrive utilizes 4 channels of control, communicates with 3rd party systems, and can even control AC circuits. If you have particular needs or require customization, the GENISYS IntelliDrive provides functionality that other "smart lighting" systems simply can't offer.

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