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SmoothLites suspended with aircraft cable

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SmoothLites in an atrium

Available in 1, 2, or 4 foot fixtures as well as having ColorTune capability, the GENISYS PoE SmoothLite is truly good for any situation you need it for. An exceptional beam angle makes it perform well whether mounted low or high, right side up or upside down.

The ColorTuning feature allows you to transform your space to what you want and need by simply changing the color of your SmoothLite Fixture lighting within the wide array of different white light color temperature options. Go all the way from a warm white, to a nice soothing cool white. That's the beauty of GENISYS— whatever you want, GENISYS can help make happen through versatile fixtures like the SmoothLite.


The mounting and installation options also help make this light's versatility jump off the charts. Great for cove lighting, or perfectly at home on a tiled, t-bar ceiling, we've installed the SmoothLite just about everywhere. We've put the SmoothLite in the most trying of environments and it has stood the test time and time again. With easy to use mounting clips, the SmoothLite can go just about anywhere you need.