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What's Included

The GENISYS Xperience Kit

Xperience a New Kind of Lighting

The GENISYS Xperience Kit provides a hands-on look at the power and elegant simplicity of the GENISYS PoE Lighting System on a smaller scale. It's like dipping your toe in and testing the water. Except the water is GENISYS PoE Lighting.

With the GENISYS Xperience Kit, you’ll receive everything you need to craft your own scaled GENISYS powered space, including: 1 4000K Downlight, 1 Color Tunable Downlight, 1 Intellidrive, 1 Wall Switch, 1 Multi-Function Sensor, GENISYS Xperience Software**, and all necessary cables.

Fun and Easy

The definition of plug & play, the GENISYS Xperience’s easy set up will have you experiencing GENISYS immediately. Connect the Multi-Function Sensor and control your Xperience with motion detection. Assign the wall switch to whichever lights you please. You will quickly realize the multiple advantages of the GENISYS PoE Lighting System and have fun in the process.


your GENISYS Xperience Kit

Limited Xperience Kits are available due to the popularity of the GENISYS system.
When you’re ready to upgrade, all pieces of your GENISYS Xperience Kit will integrate seamlessly into the full-scale GENISYS PoE Lighting System.

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Want to go bigger? Go beyond a test drive without cannonballing head first into GENISYS with the GENISYS Quad.