Wall Switch

Uh oh. Your definition of a wall switch is about to go bye-bye. What's so different about the GENISYS switch? Lets start at the back.

back of GENISYS wall switch

GENISYS PoE wall switch back close up

GENISYS poe lightswitch front

GENISYS PoE lightswitch close up

If you were to pop a normal light switch off of the wall and start fiddling with the wires behind, bad things can happen. Pry the GENISYS switch out of its housing, though, and you'll see innocuous CAT5 or CAT6 cable. Fiddle all you want, nobody is getting electrocuted.

Ok, it's safe, but what if I want to change what the switch controls? With standard AC, you're rewiring. Since GENISYS is networked, physical locations do not matter and you can always change switch functionality with the software. Add or remove light fixtures from a switch's jurisdiction with a couple clicks of a mouse.



So it's safe, it's networked, but it's still just a standard switch, right? On, off, and dim? Wrong. Since GENISYS has an entire suite of features outside of the normal realm of lighting, our switch can also control those features. Change the color of RGB lights right from your switch. Using our White Light Tuneable (If you haven't checked out our White Light Tuning yet, check it out in detail here) fixtures? Change your white light any time with nothing more than the Wall Switch.

Using GENISYS software, you can cycle the functionality of a Wall Switch. With the click of a button, the Wall Switch could go from changing light intensity to changing the colors of an RGB downlight. Similarly, that same Wall Switch could be changed to control color temperature or activate a preset scene.

We're constantly adding to the feature set of our devices and the Wall Switch is no different. More easy to use but complex tasks are coming soon, including more lighting functionality and maybe, just maybe, some HVAC tools.

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