GENISYS Software

More than features

Our GENISYS Software is more than features that control a lighting system. Software is also used to enable 3rd party devices and enhance hardware features.

If you love GENISYS, but are dead set on a specific light switch and your light fixture in your lobby is as exotic as they come, fear not! Our software allows for control of AC light fixtures (keep what you love). It will even allow itself to be controlled by 3rd party switches, so your lighting efficiency doesn't come at the expense of your interior designer.


3rd Party Devices

Using Software to

Leverage Hardware

GENISYS white light tunable fixture on software

Software enables On/Off, Dimming, ColorTune Color Temperature Selection, and reports power data for this Leaf troffer.

GENISYS RGB light control

Similar to the ColorTune Leaf, this RGB light has On/Off, Dimming, RGB Color Selector, and power reporting.

GENISYS software controlled switch

The function of switch can be changed any time thanks to presets in software.

  • Multi-Function Sensors
    Sensors can be programmed to monitor vacancy in places
    like bathrooms, or programmed for daylight harvesting
    where windows are located.
    Wall Switches
    Switches are networked, making their physical location
    irrelevant. Any switch can control any light or group of
    lights on the system.
    Increasing light in high priority areas
    and decreasing light in low priority areas
    makes efficiency unnoticeable by occupants.


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