Unique Retrofit

The Waldinger Corporation

Open Air Office Environment

Private Offices

The Details

The Waldinger Corporation has been in business since 1906 and focuses on HVAC, refrigeration, electrical, plumbing, & piping. This unique, award-winning project took place at their electrical division's facility. The division is an established healthcare and design-build contractor and has a strong presence in small service-related, technically-demanding projects.

GENISYS PoE Lighting came into play to help give them a more dynamic work environment. For part of this project, GENISYS intelligence was put inside Waldinger's very own lighting pendants. These lighting pendants are controlled, dimmed, & ColorTuned as necessary within their open- office space giving them a more efficient and productive open-office environment.

The second part of this project consists of private office lighting within four office spaces. Our Iowa-made Leaf Troffer, which weighs an astonishing 3.75 lbs, always makes for an easy installation. Having GENISYS PoE Lighting in private offices gives occupants the ability to customize their lighting to their exact preference with their individual needs being catered to in an efficient, customized work atmosphere. Overall, wattage consumption has been cut by 60% monthly; The large pendant lights were previously about 400W each. Today, they consume less than 100W per fixture.

  • Sensor-Controlled Work Spaces
  • Scheduling
  • Device Ramping
  • ColorTune Mode Wall Switch


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In Their

Own Words

“I won’t put anything in a customer facility that we haven’t tried here.
Now we can show our customers how it works, and can have confidence designing it into their projects.
We did all the installation work ourselves – our low-voltage guys pulled the cable.
They cabled it right the first time and it worked right the first time.”


— Tom Mass, President of The Waldinger Corporation’s electrical division