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The Iowa Theater

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Stage Lighting


The Back Story

The GENISYS team recently got to work with a celebrity. Not a person, but a place. Winterset, Iowa is a historically famous small town. Just how famous are we talking here? Guess where John Wayne was born — Winterset, Iowa. The movie Bridges of Madison County— yep, filmed and based off of bridges located near Winterset, Iowa. (hint: it’s in Madison County).

Part of that history includes the Iowa Theater which dates all the way back to 1899 where it was first built as a grocery store & meat market. It wasn't until 1914 until the building turned into a theater for cinema and plays.

After over a century and thousands of movies & plays later, the only way to restore, reopen, and preserve the worn down, historic building and its lighting was with GENISYS PoE Lighting Systems. The building couldn't run conduit due to the historic brick, so the low maintenance and easy install of the GENISYS system made for the best and obvious choice. No tearing up walls or cutting through ceilings. The historic building was kept intact with the low hassle, easy to install system.


  • High End Ceiling Accent Lighting
  • Color Changing Wall Sconces
  • Color Changing Downlights
  • Predefined Scenes
  • Third-Party Initiated Scenes
  • Concession Downlights

In Their

Own Words

"One of the most important elements of the rehabilitation of the Iowa Theater was the lighting - from the right mood lighting before movies, to footlights to illuminate live performances on our stage - we knew we needed to build a strong and reliable lighting look, and the GENISYS team worked with our contractors to make sure the lighting was practical, but also had that wow factor."

Rebecca Fons
Development and Programming Director