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Roland Public Library

Roland Library PoE Lighting GENISYS Installation

Roland, Iowa

Why should big buildings have all the fun? PoE Lighting is so easy and simple that it can be installed in nearly any situation. When our local library was considering an addition, we made a special effort to ensure they had the most advanced lighting system possible. GENISYS is now installed at the Roland Public Library, and it makes a great example of how small scale PoE lighting carries the same benefits as it does in a much larger footprint.

GENISYS' tunable white light fixture, the Leaf troffer, is found throughout the Library's expansion. Daylight Rhythm is currently employed in the space, approximating the white light temperature provided by sun. Users of the space also have a programmed switch to change the color temperature of the space at a moment's notice with no software required.

Small Scale


"We were able to run the entirety of light fixtures for the addition as well as the computer controller for the system on only a couple of outlets. So simple. GENISYS works anywhere."

Jerry Handsaker Executive Chairman, Innovative Lighting

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Roland Public Library


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