Brown Wall Building

MidAmerican Aerospace

MidAmerican Aerospace Office Daylight Harvesting

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The visionaries at MidAmerican have really done an impressive job – what was once a dilapidated big box store is now a truly stunning space that Innovative Lighting and GENISYS are proud to be a part of. It was here, at this convergence of creativity and sustainable, green technology that we debuted our new commissioning system for GENISYS.

We are happy to report that the results, even with lofty expectations, blew us away. The entire GENISYS PoE Lighting system was commissioned in 5 minutes. Commissioning, for the unfamiliar is tying the installed hardware and light fixtures to the software. It is the system recognizing its parts and pieces and then attaching them to their physical locations. Efficient commissioning of PoE devices was elusive in the past, but with our new system, it couldn’t have been easier.

  • Passive Solar Lighting
  • DIRTT Modular Construction
  • GENISYS PoE LED Lighting
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Occupancy / Vacancy Sensing
  • Brown field Construction
  • Ultra Narrow Aisle Wire-Guided Picker System
  • Powered by Cisco

In Their

Own Words

"The passive solar lighting / daylight harvesting combination in the offices is amazing- we don’t even notice the daylight harvesting working in the background. Often times I will only notice the light level has changed by noticing the level indicator on the wall switch has increased or decreased. Rarely have I seen an increase about the midway point. It's funny- I'll catch myself later in the day thinking, 'It's getting really dark,' and I realize I never turned my lights on to begin with."

Nick Zuber of MidAmerican Aerospace

Nick Zuber MidAmerican Aerospace


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