Green Field PoE Lighting

The Body Parts Store




Meeting Spaces


The Back Story

While GENISYS had PoE Lighting installations prior to The Body Parts Store, this installation is acknowledged as the first PoE lit greenfield building in North America. A tragedy gave birth to this milestone in the evolution of GENISYS and the adoption of PoE lighting technology. A fire completely destroyed their original building leaving them with a concrete slab.

Most businesses don’t have a disaster recovery plan, but within 48 hours after the fire, computers, website and phones were online and a temporary building nearby was ready to accept redirected stock shipments.

  • High End Trim
  • Sensor-controlled Warehouse
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Scheduling
  • RGB Mode Wall Switch
  • 120,000+ Hour LED Fixtures


For the Future

The ownership was interested in rebuilding with LED and reached out to Innovative Lighting for guidance. They had settled on a 120,000 hour LED fixture style using remote drivers to use throughout the facility when a question came up. “Is this the best system I can buy for long life and energy efficiency? I am going to leave this business to my kids so I want the best and I want it to last”. GENISYS became part of the discussion using the same long life fixture but now powering and controlling it with low voltage Ethernet cabling using multifunction sensors and touch capacitive dimming wall switches all being software controlled.

Needless to say he got not only the best but up to 90% savings compared to the typical fluorescent build out. Today, a full featured control system does scheduling, occupancy and vacancy motion sensing as well as daylight harvesting. And of course, high end trim at 10% making the fixtures last even longer and saving 10% on the lighting costs above and beyond the other control savings.

It is safe to say that the owner accomplished his goals and who knows how much money they will save before the grandchildren take over.