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    Tilting Capability

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GENISYS Envision Series

The Envision Directional Series pairs LED light engines, precision optics, and six sleek accent trim options to provide the perfectly tailored ambience to any modern space. Choose warm, neutral, or cool color temperatures to contrast or blend. Select the perfect beam spread from spot to three different flood or beam patterns for the perfect effect. With a lighting palette of 84 variations, let your creative juices flow and envision the possibilities.

Sleekly styled and sized, these non-obtrusive white trims come in round, square, and rectangular forms and include: low glare open bottoms, classy recessed, and round directional options.

As you have come to expect from GENISYS, we keep it simple. Our node centric design allows you to power and control up to six Envision Directional downlights all on a single UPoE Port and IntelliDrive. Do you hear water running or is that just your creative juices flowing?

GENISYS Envision Series

Envision Directional Series