Meet the


Jerry Handsaker Innovative Lighting GENISYS

Jerry Handsaker President/CEO

Jerry founded Innovative Lighting over 25 years ago. He now holds over 25 patents and counting in the area of LED lighting. He is responsible for amassing a creative team from multiple disciplines to advance the

Harry Aller GENISYS

Harry Aller Chief Technology Officer

Already an accomplished entrepreneur, Harry joined the Innovative Lighting team as the owner of several Iowa-based technology companies. An integration master, Harry now pushes GENISYS beyond the boundaries of existing lighting systems toward groundbreaking objectives. His office is a popular place, always full of new technologies, gadgets, and delightful candies.

Wendell Strong GENISYS

Wendell Strong GENISYS PoE Lighting Manager

Wendell is a three decade veteran of the Commercial Lighting Industry and serves as the GENISYS PoE Lighting Manager for Innovative Lighting, an Iowa based LED fixture manufacturer of over 20 years. He has served as President and Executive Board member of the National Association of Independent Lighting Distributors and helped create Lighting Specialist training programs used by both Manufacturers and Distributors alike.

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David Andersen GENISYS

David Andersen Director of Engineering

Mr. Andersen has been with Innovative Lighting for seven years overseeing the Engineering Department and coordinating the work on multiple light fixture projects involving mechanical, electrical, and optical design aspects. David’s mastery of electronic devices, especially lighting, knows no bounds and the GENISYS team is fortunate to have him at the helm of Engineering.

Eric Arnold GENISYS

Eric Arnold Electrical Engineer

A human Swiss Army knife, Eric is often called upon to handle engineering tasks throughout the Innovative Lighting product line. Officially, he’s an electrical engineer, hard at work designing the parts and pieces of the GENISYS system with the GENISYS team.

Michele Iris GENISYS

Michele Iris Marketing Specialist

Michele creates all the "artsy fartsy" bells & whistles for GENISYS. Everything from photos, graphics, & videos, to branding and strategy. It's almost as if she is a specialist at marketing or something (or so she says).

Jason Manley GENISYS

Jason Manley Project Manager

Jason has been with Innovative Lighting for 5 years and also holds the position of Regional Sales Manager for Innovative Lighting's AC Lighting Division. When GENISYS was introduced, though, Jason's passion for new technology (the guy has a new phone every 3 months) kept him close to the product and was eventually brought on as the Project Manager. Jason's knowledge of lighting, lighting software, and overseeing of lighting installations make him an invaluable member of the Innovative and GENISYS teams.

Rodney Barto Go Hawks

Rodney Barto Software Engineer

Rodney started with Innovative Lighting as an intern and quickly won over the staff with his software skillset and small-town Iowa charm. A problem solver who always insists that "anything is possible", Rodney's work on GENISYS Software has been outsanding.