A Workplace Revolution

End User

A well tailored suit. That dress that fits perfectly. When things work for you, they transform your attitude, confidence, and performance. GENISYS does the same thing to your workplace. Whether that's your office, cubicle, new-age mixture of the two, or whatever, our lighting system provides layers of customizability that make everything feel perfectly... yours.

Lighting for You

Control Light Level
Everyone has different preferences, be it how you like your TV volume or the vehicle you drive. Your lighting is no different, use it to your advantage! Bad lighting is like someone watching TV at an obnoxious volume (Hi, Dad!). Life is better when things are tailored for you.
Change Color Temperature
Use your internal clock to your advantage as your lights match your bodies natural preferences. Feel better automatically!
RGB Signaling
Having a bad day? Don't want long-winded Tony from Sales talking your ear off while you're on a deadline? Turn your RGB light to red and avoid awkward "Can you leave?" conversations or passive-aggressive comments.
Mobile Control
Control everything from your phone. No searching for some awkward little remote that, for some reason, is already out of battery again.

White Light Tuning

How it Looks: