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Versatile Accessory

The Dry Contact Interface Module is an optional accessory to the GENISYS PoE Lighting System. It is versatile, and has immense capabilities. It is a control port device and is controlled over the network via the GENISYS IntelliDrive & Software Suite.

It accommodates 3rd party devices such as: wall switches, foot switches, pressure mats, and the like. The kicker is that it can be used as an input AND output device at the same time. An output device that could be controlled would be a relay connected to several AC powered lights or other AC powered devices.

  • Input: 5.0 Vdc
  • Output: 5V
  • .5 Adc max
  • UL Listed


Side View of GENISYS Dry Contact Interface Module

Side View of GENISYS Dry Contact Interface Module

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