Multi-Function Sensor

One sensor to rule them all

White GENISYS PoE Sensor

PoE Sensors front and back

GENISYS PoE Sensor with black finish

Our Multi-Function Sensor has a lot of cool capabilities. It can detect occupancy and vacancy, sense light levels, and more soon (really soon). We even put a near field communicator in it for lightning fast system commissioning. When matched with our software, though, the real world applications of the sensor really shine.

Imagine walking into work holding a heavy box. You don't have to balance the box like a circus performer while you flip a light switch - you've already been detected and the lights are on. You head toward your destination- an expansive warehouse where light fixtures only illuminate necessary areas, leaving the bulk of the fixtures using no energy. After you drop off your cargo, you head to your office, passing a cubicles flooded in daylight while above light fixtures dim themselves to a low level; the sun now doing their job for them. As you turn into your office, rounding the final corridor, you see the hallway lights dim behind you as they detect you leaving their domain. Lastly, your own lights power on as you appear in your space, adjusting their color temperature to mirror the sun. If that sounds futuristic to you, good, but know that the GENISYS Multi-Function Sensor empowers scenarios like this today.



As with every other component of the GENISYS system, the Multi-Function sensor is powered and controlled with an ethernet cable. You already know the advantages that PoE brings- it's safe to install, it's future proofed for bandwidth with IoT, etc. Not immediately apparent, though, is why we do not build our sensors into fixtures. Our sensors are standalone devices because their effectiveness is much greater when allowed to operate independent of a (respectively) large fixture. Want to change the location of a sensor? With GENISYS, this is easy. With other PoE systems, this means moving fixtures too.

So if you're looking for easy, capable, and continually evolving, that's what GENISYS is all about- look no further. We're happy to show you how our Multi-Function Sensor can help to create productive spaces and drive your lighting energy costs down up to 90%.

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