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The Details

CompuCom Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Office Depot Inc., recently moved their global headquarters near Charlotte, NC by establishing their Digital Campus with the first of two buildings envisioned to support up to 1,500 personnel.

Central to the design of this 150,000 sq. ft. building by LS3P, was the mission of leveraging technology and innovation to drive collaboration, productivity, and operational savings. Innovative Lighting, and its specifically branded GENISYS PoE Lighting System, was selected to accomplish these goals.

The GENISYS “node centric” design enabling operation of up to 9 connected lights and devices from a single UPOE (60w) port connected with standard category cable and RJ-45 jacks across the entire platform, barely broke a sweat accomplishing the task. This world class lighting technology was installed by a national electrical contractor in less time and at lower cost than a comparable A/C lighting system and reduced capital expenditures by $275,000, according to CompuCom. While not a stated goal, it was both a predictable and welcome outcome.

Leveraging the power of this node centric design, installers were able to deploy two white light color tunable fixtures per port as GENISYS is not bound by a fixture centric design requiring a powered port for every fixture.

These fixtures were placed in meeting rooms and collaboration areas to enable Daylight Rhythm (sunrise to sunset lighting based on a specific geographical location) to provide a sense of natural daylight and wellness. On demand color tuning is also available. Uniquely, the 2x2 Leaf Series fixture is made of a composite, fully recyclable material producing a cradle to cradle sustainability story as well. The elimination of wall switches was seen as health benefit by reducing the possibility of germs being passed by contact.

  • Occupancy Sensing
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Ambient Temperature Monitoring
  • Daylight Rhythm
  • On-demand ColorTuning


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In Their

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Take a peak into a Case Study on this new Digital Campus published by CompuCom themselves.


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