Frequently Asked Questions

Power over Ethernet Lighting is simply optimized LED fixtures being Powered and Controlled by the low voltage cabling and equipment common to the Networking Industry as opposed to the conduit and high voltage wiring and equipment common to the traditional Electrical Industry. This immersive integration of advanced lighting controls and networked capabilities eclipses both the standard capabilities and the accepted energy savings paradigms of traditional lighting and paves the way to truly intelligent buildings.

Traditional Lighting requires high voltage, A/C power to operate. Led lighting does not want or need this dated and costly approach. By utilizing networking equipment that provides the low voltage power that LEDs perform best with, we are able to leverage advanced lighting controls creating energy savings approaching 90% when compared to legacy fluorescent technology.

It starts with empowered LED fixtures which produce more light for less energy and last up to 2-3 times longer than “standard” LED fixtures. From there, we gain a robust lighting control system which is perfectly integrated with the building usage patterns and the PoE LED Fixtures themselves, providing incremental levels of simplified control creating unparalleled energy savings today and tomorrow. That is where any similarity with the legacy lighting technology of today ends. The “Plug and Play” aspects of utilizing standardized RJ45 jacks for all connections produces the safest, smartest and smartest lighting system available. Not counting having the lowest total installed cost of any powered commercial lighting system.