A New Dawn of Lighting

Part two of the 3 part series “Insights into the World of PoE Lighting Technology,” written by our very own Wendell Strong, has been published in Electrical Trends.

In A New Dawn of Lighting, Strong discusses how Power over Ethernet lighting creates a new paradigm for the lighting industry that revolves around the premise of power delivery.  Why send high voltage to low voltage lights only to put a voltage step down (LED Driver) at the end of the high voltage run?  Why not give low voltage devices low voltage from the get-go with built in data for monitoring and controls?

Check out Wendell’s new article here, courtesy of Electrical Trends.

Wendell Strong, GENISYS Manager, Pens 3-Part Lighting Series

As another year is put behind us, GENISYS’ own Wendell Strong reflects on where lighting has been and where it is headed in his 3 part series “Insights into the World of PoE Lighting Technology.”  

Big things are on the horizon for 2017 and major announcements are coming soon, make sure you’re caught up to speed by reading Wendell’s article via Electrical Trends, an electrical distribution industry blog.

Click here to check out the first part of Wendell’s 3 part blog series.

DIRTT Environmental Solutions selects Innovative Lighting, GENISYS, as preferred partners

Last September, DIRTT Environmental Solutions selected Innovative Lighting as a preferred vendor for our GENISYS PoE Lighting System.  DIRTT and Innovative Lighting share a mutual commitment to sustainable technology, innovative solutions, and maximizing efficiency, and we are thrilled to be working together on the offices of tomorrow.

If you are a current DIRTT partner, learn more about GENISYS on our new website, www.genisyslighting.com, or download the GENISYS preferred vendor document here.

Just now diggin’ DIRTT?  Check out their revolutionary products at their website, www.dirtt.net.

Current DIRTT partners can download the GENISYS preferred vendor document here.  To learn more about DIRTT and their groundbreaking systems, visit their website at www.dirtt.net.